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Yes, our vision is BIG

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1 /  We are a team that want to make a difference
in the lives of everyday people who have been hurt or wounded through no fault of their own…

2 /  We have also been asked to open our doors
Those directly affected by human trafficking causes so much pain to those who have helplessly endured such a trauma.

3 / Who the charity helps
Children/young people Elderly/old people  with disabilities People of a particular ethnic or racial origin.
Other charities or voluntary bodies The general public/mankind

4 / How the charity works
Provides services Provides advocacy/advice/information

Unique Women and families a vision to provide services to assist women and families.
To help them discover their distinctive talents as well as skills and support them in
the many factors of their life.
Through a combination of counselling and beauty services (and products)
Unique Women will steadily gain market share.

5 / Unique Women and Families will provide a comprehensive service
Dedicated to nurturing and healing both their minds and their bodies to prepare and support clients in their personal lives successfully achieving our long term and short term goals.The name is inspired by the specific talents and qualities each woman possesses not just as a mother or wife, but as an individual.

Initially Julie Moss will operate locally as a company until
Unique Women and Families is established and acquires a stable volume of clients.

Registered charity: Unique Women and Families; No. 1166330
07923 488 970 or email: