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How unique women and families got started.

 Julie moss is the Founder and Director of Unique Women and Families.

Unique women and families was a vision in which I believed is possible and that I could see and put into practised and is coming alive as I knew it would.

I  wanted to make sure that Unique Women and Families would give support  to clients  from all walks of life,
we want the public to find that there lives  can become  amazing as well as so many others and  that  each client  will tell there story as I have done so.

They have also found that they can do anything to enhance their futures because of there great achievements and obstacle they have over come on there own  journeys, and so can you to .

Giving hope to people from different walks of life at completely opposite ends of the spectrum, our purpose will be fulfilled revealing that;
when compassion, kindness, and love are at the heart then great things will happen.

Julie Moss – Founder

Registered charity: Unique Women and Families; No. 1166330
07923 488 970 or email: