Relaxed Environment, Massage, Treatments & Counselling

We will oversee and support and counsel young teens, from 10 up to 16 or even 17

We want to keep families together this is our goal and vision for the lives of each member of the family.

If the parents are struggling we will offer support under the parent permission and signatures.

We have a team of profession men and women who will come along side young teens and help them
through the struggles they are encountering.

We will offer one to one counselling ,
we will do work shops with them that will help them build there self-esteem it will teach them to
become the great young men and women and adults they were intended to become for there futures.

We want to help them see there goals and visions for there lives, with the right personal touch and support
we believe we will help them stay connected to there families and also build the relationships they
should have with there parents and siblings and other members of there families.

In all our research and expertise we do believe that much change will be made through the time and care and much
compassion they will have us invest into there lives of these young people, and in turn each teenager will come away
with the mind set that he can make a difference in his and her life and the lives of others were ever they go.

Most young people today are struggling with different things, and most Mums and Dads don’t
know how to handle the main problems so they do become desperate for help, so we at unique women and families
have created and system that will help them become who they have intended to become.

We all have kids and understand how parents feel so we have hand picked the right team to help make this possible,
we believe that it’s not impossible with everyone working together as a team and this is our goal for you today.

We would love to help you keep your families together this is our vision and goal.

Look forward to helping you make a difference in your lives and the lives of others.

Registered charity: Unique Women and Families; No. 1166330
07923 488 970 or email: