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The Workshop

The workshop is to take people to and through opportunities that they have always wanted to do.

The idea is to give you or them a chance to start a business or a trade or a hobby it’s really going
to be up to the person themselves to decide on that road they will take, everyone has gifts and talents we don’t always know what it
is that we want to do that’s why we need to help you find that goal.

We want to open a door that will help you onto a ladder of opportunity this sometimes can be so difficult that you
need to give support for this to happen and that’s were we will connect with different groups, agents, and the job centres and much more.

It may be cake making, flower making, hair styling, make-up, computer classes, admin skills there are so many roots to take
and we will help you to grow into what your intended dream is to be.

Registered charity: Unique Women and Families; No. 1166330
07923 488 970 or email: